Resetting a Smoke Detector


 1.        Make sure there is not an actual fire that is causing alarm to sound.

2.        To silence multiple alarms in an interconnected series, you must press the Test/Silence button on the unit(s) that initiated the alarm.

Note:  The red LED on the initiating alarm will flash rapidly.  The red LED will be Off on all the other non-initiating alarms.  No audible sound will be heard.  The unit will exit “silence mode” in approximately 10 minutes.

These smoke detectors are wired into the electrical system of your home.  In addition, there is a  9Volt battery that provides back up if power is lost.  The manufacture recommends replacing your 9 Volt battery every six months.  If the backup battery weakens in between replacement the smoke alarm will “chirp” about once a minute (the low battery warning).  Replace battery immediately for your protection.

If you have no fire threat and your smoke detectors continue to chirp or alarm after resetting, you need to have an electrician check your system.  You can call us at 352-748-5818.



To Silence Smoke Alarms:

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