Doorbell On The Fritz? Need More Volume?

Add, replace or repair your doorbell!

Your doorbell is more than a convenience, it is a classic signal that typically means your visitors have arrived… or it’s that package you’ve been waiting for to be delivered. Either way, that sound typically means good news.

Chimes have many varieties, from the classic “Ding-Dong” sounds, to church bells, and even your favorite song.

Wiring to chimes can wear down over time, or be damaged in many ways. New wiring is different in every case, but Lenhart Electric will help choose the right installation and repair for you and your home’s specific needs.

And if it’s “on the fritz”, we can help you with that too! If your doorbell isn’t working properly, contact Lenhart Electric or call 352-748-5818 and we’ll check it out.

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Lenhart doorbell repair

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