Pendant Lights

Are You Ready To Install Pendant Lights?

Pendant lighting can add a lot of personality to your home, along with brightening it up quite a bit. We can help you make your pendant lights a focal point in your home by installing your lighting after we check the wiring to assure it is safe.

If you need to have your current light fixtures updated, or upgraded, give us a call today. Lenhart Electric will remove your old interior lighting and replace it with beautiful pendant lighting.

Safety is our number one concern so rest assured that we will inspect your wiring to make sure it is safe before installing your stunning new pendant lights. All you need to do is buy your new lights and then we will install them on your existing switch. Since certain restrictions apply, please make sure you discuss your needs with one of our licensed and experienced electricians.

We’re pleased to offer a wide variety of traditional, contemporary and niche lighting. You can view some of the most popular styles and designs available in our catalog to find the perfect ones for your decor. If you haven’t purchased your pendant lights yet, be sure to check out our new online fixture catalog.

Lenhart Electric offers light fixture replacement and installation for your home and business.

For more information on the many services we provide, visit our YouTube channel.