Post Lights

Are you ready to replace your post lights?

Lenhart Electric will remove and replace your old plastic or metal post lights fixture and help you (and your neighbors!) see the light again. One low upfront, flat fee, with no surprises or hidden add-on fees.

If you need to have the post replaced, we are happy to do that as well. Let us know when you contact us how we can best help you with this project.

Or call us at 352-748-5818 to set up an appointment to install your new lighting today!

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Plastic Post Light Fixture

Replace the plastic post light fixture for only $200.00 installed with a new photocell on your existing post.

Note: the plastic post light fixture is currently only available in black.

Metal Post Light Fixture

Replace the metal post light fixture for only $300.00 installed with a new photocell on your existing post.

If you need the post replaced, we can do that as well for $200.00.