How to Reset a GFCI Outlet

Having trouble with one of your outlets?  You might have a tripped GFCI.  We’ll show you how to reset it.

thHow to reset a tripped outlet


1.       Make sure any appliances are unplugged from outlet.

2.       Hit the top button that says  “RESET”.

3.       Plug the appliance back in to ensure it is operational again.


Note:  Many times  kitchens,  garages and outdoor receptacles have several outlets controlled by one GFCI outlet. Make sure to unplug all cords from the outlets in that area.  Locate the impacted outlet for that location and push the “RESET” button.  If you continue to have tripped outlets after resetting it,  an electrician should come to look at your system.  You can contact us at 352-748-5818

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