Need New, Extra, or Speciality Outlets?

Tired of or need to replace your old outlets? Have you heard of USB outlets, or safety outlets, but you’re smart enough not to try to install it yourself?  Lenhart Electric will remove your old receptacles and install new ones for an upfront, flat rate! It’s just that simple (other than a few questions we need to ask you first).

Since there are many different types of receptacles needed for today’s electricity-driven world, we provide several options for you to choose from. We not only install dyer plug-ins, but also for golf carts, or your electric car. In addition, we can change out your old standard into one that comes with a USB connection.

Plus, if you would like to learn more about the GFCIs, we have made a video highlighting three different types. Click here to watch our Bright Ideas video, GFCI Safety

Lenhart Electric offers numerous outlet replacement and installation options for your home and business.

  • Cable
  • Range/Stove
  • Additional Electrical
  • Dryer
  • Electric Car
  • RV
  • USB

For more information on the many services we provide, visit our Youtube channel.

RV Outlet

Lenhart Electric is licensed, insured and proficient in all aspects of electrical services, repair and installations for residential and commercial applications.
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