How to Use a Generator Interlock

Knowing how to operate your generator is critical for both use and safety.  Following some simple instructions can make an important difference the next time you experience an electrical outage.

Generator Interlock Kit Instructions:

  1. Turn Main circuit breaker “OFF”
  2. Turn “OFF” all branch circuit breakers
  3. Slide interlock plate
  4. Turn GENERATOR breaker “ON”
  5. Connect and start
  6. Turn “ON” essential circuits

WARNING: Engage circuits one at a time, allow time for large loads to start.

Reverse procedure to return to MAIN power.


Interlock Kit

An Interlock Kit is a device designed to allow the safe flow of electricity (backfeeding) of a home through a portable generator during power outages, which eliminates illegal and/or unsafe backfeeding situations. A kit has several advantages, for instance it allows for all of a panel’s circuits to be used, up to the capacity of the generator. That is different than a transfer switch, which only allows a few circuits to be operated. An Interlock Kit can also be installed directly on the home’s breaker panel, making it easier to locate and operate in case of an emergency. We would love to show you how an Interlock Kit works, and if it right for your home’s emergency power needs.

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