Light Fixtures

Need to Replace Old Light Fixtures or Install New Ones?

Are you tired of or need to replace your old light fixtures? Maybe you built a home and those were the lighting fixtures that came along with it. Maybe you picked out the light fixtures years ago and you’re ready for an update. If you are ready to add your own flair to your home, or update your existing lighting, we can help you.

Did you fall in love with a lighting fixture and buy it, but you’re smart enough not to try to install it yourself? Lenhart Electric will remove your old light fixture and install your new one for an upfront, flat rate! It’s just that simple (other than a few questions we need to ask you first.)

And by the way, if you haven’t purchased your replacement lighting fixtures yet, we invite you to save yourself the time of having to shop the big-box stores and view our new online fixture catalog.  We’re pleased to offer a wide variety of traditional, contemporary and niche lighting collections representing some of the most popular styles and designs available.

Lenhart Electric offers light fixture replacement and installation for your home and business. 

For more information on the many services we provide, visit our YouTube channel.