Generator Services and Installation

The Lenhart Electric services and repairs department has electricians that are knowledgeable in installing the right Generac® generator for your home.

Installing Your Generac® Generator

We will work with you to determine your backup power needs to make sure you have the appropriately sized generator for your home along with natural gas or propane connections. Once your generator is chosen, Lenhart Electric will:

  • Apply for all needed electrical county permits, if your home is in a special flood zone we will work with you to obtain all required paperwork per county
  • Install pre-made concrete pad or pour concrete pad (on certain occasions), place generator on pad and anchor generator for guaranteed safety
  • Install automatic transfer switch and wire the generator to all system devices
  • We will assist you in taking care of electrical inspections through county
  • Schedule regular maintenance on generator
  • Load bank testing service available

Benefits of Owning a Generac® Generator

A generator can be a valuable investment when power goes out to your home. 

  • Convenience
  • Increased safety
  • Prevent food spoilage
  • Increases home and property value
  • Great backup power supply
  • Provides comfort and peace of mind during a power outage 

A Generac® Generator is an affordable and reliable alternative. 

Our licensed and experienced electricians will assist in installing the Generac® Generator. Once installed, you will be able to safely power your devices.

Please call us at 352-748-5818 to set up an appointment!