A Community Electrician - The Beginning

Lenhart Electric Company was established in 1948 by A.C. (“Bert”) Lenhart and was operated as a sole proprietorship for three years. In 1951, C.W. Payne purchased half interest in the company and the name was changed to Lenhart Payne Electric Company, a partnership. During this time the company expanded, along with electrician services, into the major appliance business as the electrical division blossomed. The company moved from Downtown Leesburg to a new location on South 14th Street so there would be better exposure of the newly developed appliance business. In 1952, the company again needed to be relocated due to the need for a larger facility. This new building was located on 807 North Boulevard (US 441), west along the new bypass through Leesburg.

During 1962 Mr. A.C. Lenhart bought out the company interest Mr. Payne had purchased and changed the name back to Lenhart Electric Company to become incorporated. The company continued to grow under the watchful eyes of Mr. A.C. Lenhart. An emphasis was put on commercial wiring and appliance sales. Mr. Lenhart died during heart surgery in 1971 and his son James C. Lenhart managed the Company.

The Expansion

In 1981, the accommodations were once again outgrown. A new building was erected on top of Newell Hill Road. Under the direction of James C. Lenhart the Company continued to prosper while diversifying into the telephone interconnect, home security as well as the wireless communications industries. However, despite the success in these additions, Jim and his son Kelly decided to sell the last of the companion companies in 1998. This decision was part of an overall agenda for greater expansion in the ever-present Electrical Department. The company remained in Leesburg until 2005 when it relocated to Wildwood to better service our growing customer base in The Villages. In 2009 a new 11,200 sq. ft. facility was built from which Lenhart Electric now operates.

Leading Through Generations

From its humble beginnings with a single electrician, Lenhart Electric has always tried to be a leader not only in the community, but in the industry as well. All of the divisions that have been under the Lenhart umbrella have in some way tied in with the most advanced technology available at the time. This company is now celebrating the third generation of management. This has been one of the key ingredients to the success of the company. Each Lenhart tries his best to do what is right for the employees, company and the customer. It has become a family tradition for the father to instill in the son to hold on to each of these things and improve upon what was achieved before him.

Lenhart Electric Company is currently owned and operated by James “Kelly” Lenhart, who is a State Certified Electrical Contractor license number EC13012721. Learn more about our extensive residential and commercial services.